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Technology - our tools


Nowadays, high-technology and computers are essential tools of marketing and advertising. Widely applied in business which constantly looks for the most recent technological tips on Internet to boost production and sales. It is impossible to think of a firm without Internet services. Internet is the main tool of promotional campaigns in many industries. It is an ideal communication channel between a firm and its customers, suppliers, employees and competitors.
More often it becomes one of main sources of information about a company, its products and services and other events. Not only does professionally prepared Internet service allow to communicate with the world but it is also an efficient tool which is capable of creating a brand. It perfectly supports traditional marketing activities.

Our approach helps to provide our customers a complex service in order to make the most of a huge potential of that modern medium.

In developing a project we:

  • analyze customer's needs
  • check competition's activity in the Internet
  • prepare a draft/plan of service effectiveness/operation/functionality
  • work out future service structure
  • prepare the first visual version of the system
  • prepare the first version of the system
  • implement the chosen solution
  • analyze the post-action activities: positioning, effectiveness, optimization, control of users' actvities

Each project is implemented based on the author's original management of structure and texts system - bluebirdCMS.


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