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Creativity - How we were set up


Studio is a creative team in our company. The team is made up of people who design and produce promotional materials, electronic and visual to create company's image. Our concern lies in BTL actions. However, we also produce printed materials, such as CI (Corporate Identity) which include:

  • logo types
  • developing corporate colours
  • corporate stationary with logo: business cards, corporate notepads and envelopes,
  • brand books
  • other, as required

We develop other elements which build up the company's image/brand such as, portfolios, document binders, corporate pens, notebooks, plastic sleeves for holding papers and other gadgets. We also offer related services which include designing, composition and production of marketing materials: handouts, folders, catalogues, brochures, fliers, company's bulletins and newsletters, albums, etc.

We also provide a range of services in designing ATL elements: press advertisements, press inserts, outdoor banners, advertisements, posters, city lights. All these fall within the scope of our services.

Our interactive team has a broad experience in preparing on-line advertising campaigns, which include advertisement's banners, top layers and elements of a virus marketing.

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