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Management – consulting and workshops


Effective product market launch in the Internet with notable benefits coming from marketing activities works according to a well-definied route which is outlined by a reliable marketing strategy. To meet customers' needs and expectations we have created a special team made up of our top experts which develops marketing communication with our clients. They work out effective marketing strategies which consist of defining a concept of marketing activities in order to achieve best- possible, cost-effective results.

Services provided by our experts include, among other, such activities as:

  • preparing directions of Internet marketing communication development;
  • analysis of market and competition and identification of customers' needs;
  • integration of e-commerce strategies with the general company's strategy;
  • implementation of e-marketing strategy;
  • application of modern forms of electronic marketing;
  • supporting and development of a company while applying new technologies;

Our benefit is combining practice with the knowledge of our experts. Due to such practice we provide a complex, professional and valid consulting and product.
Our experts' qualifications are guaranteed by scientific titles and acknowledgement/recognition of European and world-known universities and their practical experience in the field.


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